Thursday, March 31, 2011

thank you

I'm a fan of unicorns for their whimsy and tackiness. A friend of mine who knows this sent this image to me. All I could say was, "thank you!"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Tracy Anderson Method

Fitness guru Tracy Anderson is nothing short of amazing.

I've been a fan of hers for a while and she continues to impress me. I discovered her long ago when I was surfing the internet to see if I could find out who Madonna's fitness trainer was. I love Madonna's sculpted arms and wanted to know what her secret was.

I found out that Tracy Anderson, founder of the Tracy Anderson Method was her trainer. Anderson is no longer Madonna's trainer (for various rumored reasons) but continues to train actors like Gwenyth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and more.

Anderson's Method combines dance cardio and strength training. Anderson has been developing her method for over 10 years. Anderson encourages her students to use dance cardio to hit various muscle groups from different angles at all times.

Being that I love to dance (swing dancing, ballet etc) dance cardio has been a better fit for me than just repeative cycling on the eliptical.

To learn more about her method, her studios, her dvd workouts and her personal background visit

The below video is an arms workout that Anderson created for Gwenyth Paltrow. I found it on Youtube but it can also be found at Paltrow's website GOOP.

I love this video! Not only is it fun and challenging but I just love watching Tracy Anderson go at it!

To find more videos go to Tracy Anderson's Youtube channel at GoTracy.

cupcake image by Terry Border

Marilyn Monroe Cupcake

This photograph comes from images by artist Terry Border. He takes regular everyday objects and adds wires to make them come alive. He has a book entitled Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Everyday Things.

More images can be found on his Bent Objects Blog.

Easter is Coming! It's Time To Kill Some Peeps!

Well April is almost upon us so Easter is creeping upon us. Seems like I found the blog site 100 Ways to Kill a Peep, just in time. The purpose of the blog site was to post up humorous photos of marshmallow peeps dying in various scenarios. Unfortunately it looks as though the blog is no longer up and running as the last post was in 2009.


Enjoy these images. To find more go to 100 Ways to Kill a Peep.



Frying Pan

Photo by Mtspiro


Photo by Billiam


Photo by Ohio Peeps

Psycho Bunny Killer

Photo by Scouts






Hello? Pure Awesomeness!

A co-worker of mine found this image on the internet yesterday. I'm a big fan of tacky and random stuff and this is as tacky and random as it gets.


The tear off pieces are lyrics to the song. I'm not a fan of Lionel Richie but I am definitely a fan of this poster. My co-worker printed off a copy for me and now it is posted in my office.

Go to to print it out for yourself.

Inappropriate Disney Drinking Cup

A co-worker of mine was shopping at Target recently and spotted this Belle (from Disney's Beauty and the Beast) drinking cup.


Um, this is a strange place to stick a straw for kiddies to sip. Found this image on a website called DeskofBrian.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Serj Orders a Coffee

For all us System of Down fans. I just found this on YouTube. It's Serj Tankian ordering coffee. Love it.

Serj Orders a Coffee

Thanks to YouTube user SourMilk100 for posting this on Youtube. The video was originally found at

Sunday, March 27, 2011

the condum simulating virginity

On this blog I have posted about the fake hymens that some women choose to utilize in order to fool men. I had not been aware until now that there is also a condom made in China that simulates vaginal bleeding.

According to a 2009 article from The Sexist, the product has been sold in Syria for $15 each.

According to the article, "The product, called the "Condom Simulating Virginity," consists of a flexible, open-ended sheath (like your regular Trojan), but is outfitted with an additional burstable pouch "containing a red colored fluid simulating blood." The pouch is constructed from a weaker material than the condom itself so that the blood compartment "ruptures during sexual intercourse, while the sheath remains intact." Unlike your standard translucent condom, this prophylactic is meant to be made from a dark material to help conceal the red liquid stored inside. If all goes according to plan, the man straps on the condom before sex, the woman appears to bleed during intercourse, and nobody is the wiser."

The condom was designed for women who exist within cultures that shame or even kill non-virginal brides.

The demands on women to remain virgins before marriage is in place due to sexist ideals. In cultures far and near women are often viewed as objects to control and to dominate. To shame, injure or kill a woman because she is not a virgin is to send the message that a woman's purpose is to cater to men and to think of herself as less if she is unable to please men.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"If You Don't Stand For Something You'll Fall For Anything"

Lately I have been seeing previews for the film Sucker Punch. It seemed like a film I would not be interested in but after seeing the preview so many times I became curious. Originally, I was turned off as the theatrical trailer revealed a young blonde in a school girl outfit. Young blonde in skimpy clothes kicking ass? It's been done. Not to mention the concept is quite sexist. So, why would I, a feminist see a flick like this? I guess I was just too damn curious.

After seeing the preview in theaters so many times I became interested in the cinematography. There was a greyish hue to the film and a sense of drear and mystery that captured my attention.

After seeing the film I understood why the main character was wearing a midriff. It is in sync with the storyline. Does this mean that the creators thought that girls wearing revealing clothing would not draw in an audience? Not likely. So, yes I am conflicted. I will admit however, that I really did enjoy the movie.

(Oh a side note. Even though I don't wear makeup myself I gotta say I loved the eye make up these girls and the other female members were wearing. Very creative and pretty.)

Sucker Punch Trailer

Ok, so now I'm getting to the point of this blog post. In the film one of the charaters says to the girls in this film,

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything"

I've been searching for a good quote to tattoo on my upper inner right arm. I've found some good quotes so far and I am adding this one to the list of contenders. Beautiful and profound isn't it? When I heard it I kept thinking about it. After the movie I kept thinking about it and how it applies to my own life.

Wreck This Journal and This is Not a Book by Keri Smith

Wreck This Journal

Found these items on According to the site, "Each page of the journal has prompts that invite you to wreck it in every possible way; spill coffee on it, shred a page, step on it with your dirty shoes, crack its spine, place sticky things in it... and many more destructive actions. It will also encourage you to document some random things like; a boring event, your handwriting using your left hand (or right hand if you’re a lefty), negative comments, or document time passing. At the end of the book, and after you’ve completely wrecked it, the author encourages you to tape the journal closed and mail it to yourself."

This Is Not a Book

This journal also has prompts on each page however this time it asks you to be creative and participate in the creation of the book.

Buy Wreck This Journal here ($7.77) and This Is Not a Book here ($7.35)

Hidden Animal Tea or Coffee Cups

Hidden Animal Cupware!

I am so excited about these cups. I am definitely purchasing one of these.

I'm a big tea person so I am always on the lookout for creative teas and creative cupware. To purchase these click here. Thanks to for posting.

Back Up Your Birth Control - National Day of Action March 30th 2011 - Happy 10th Anniversary

This year marks the 10th anniversary for the Back Up Your Birth Control campaign. Back Up Your Birth Control is a national campaign to increase access to emergency contraception through public education and awareness. The campaign is put forth by the National Institute for Reproductive Health.

Here are some facts listed on the website.

Sometimes referred to as the “morning after pill,” emergency contraception (EC) is a method of birth control that can prevent pregnancy after sex.

EC can be used if you had unprotected sex in the past 5 days. You can use EC if:

  • you didn’t use birth control
  • you were late with your regular method
  • the condom broke
  • you were forced to have unprotected sex


EC is a safe and effective method of birth control that can prevent pregnancy after sex. EC is not the abortion pill. It will not work if you are already pregnant. It does not protect against sexually transmitted infections or HIV/AIDS.


EC can prevent pregnancy by delaying or inhibiting ovulation. It may also inhibit fertilization.

There are three brands of EC (Plan B® One-Step, Next Choice®, and ella®) approved for pregnancy prevention:

There are several options for emergency contraception available. It is important to take action as soon as possible after unprotected sex. Understand your options and take the method that’s best for you.

° You do not need an existing prescription to order ella® online. Each patient must complete their own online diagnostic medical assessment. The physician reviewing your medical assessment, as well as the pharmacist filling your prescription, may contact you for additional information and/or decline your request for a prescription based on the information you provide. KwikMed does not charge for its online medical consultation. The online pharmacy cannot ship ella® to North Carolina, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oregon.

As a prescription medication, costs can vary based on reimbursement from private insurers and/or Medicaid.

∆While the efficacy of Plan B® One-Step and Next Choice® declines over time, the efficacy of ella® does not (up to 120 hours). Research suggests that ella® is more effective than Plan B® One-Step or Next Choice®. Visit the Emergency Contraception website for more information on efficacy.

To order materials which include brochures, wallet cards and more, click here.

The website also offers e-cards that you can send to others. Visit the website and you can create e-cards of your own.

To find Back Up Your Birth Control on Facebook click here.

Educate yourself and others by checking out the information here and on the site.

I love the Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell!


A friend of mine told me about a video on YouTube called "The Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell". I've gotta say this is probably the most brilliant video I've ever seen. It's tacky and that's what makes it great. I'm often a fan of tacky. Tacky clothes, tacky painted buildings, tacky concepts galore.

A couple of youngsters lip synching the song. Here's to making a tacky song even tackier. Love it!

I'm at the Pizza Hut (What?)
I'm at the Taco Bell (What?)
I'm at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

[Verse 1]
I'm at the Pizza Hut. (What?)
I'm at the Taco Bell (Naw)
I'm at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

Wait... we're at the Pizza Hut (What?)
We're at the Taco Bell (What?)
We're at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

We at the Pizza Hut (No...)
We at the Taco Bell. (No...)
We at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

Didn't I tell you? Tacky = Brilliant.

The men responsible for this song is the rap duo Das Racist.
Apparently the song has been around for a while. In a 2009 interview with the Village Voice Das Racist is asked,

Did you immediately conceive of it as having a sociopolitical context? Are you commenting on American over-consumerism and corporate proliferation? Is this a joke that everyone thinks is a graduate thesis, or vice versa?



I've checked out some of their other songs on YouTube and I'm not impressed. But I will say that I love their pizzahut/taco bell so much that I'd even set it as my ringtone.

The Hello Kitty Psychological Test

A friend of mine who knows I love Hello Kitty told me that she found a Hello Kitty Psychological Test on the website The Hello Kitty Fill in the Blanks Psychological Test is made by SanrioTown.

My test results state..

"Basically you could be stressed easily. Luckily you are straightforward person always voice your concerns. Some of the stress would then be released. Watch your mouth since you possibly over expressed which would cause others unhappy. Then stress comes back to you again. For this type try aromatherapy will calm you down."

The grammar isn't that great but the result of my stress test is pretty accurate. I stress easily. Something I continue to work on.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7: A New Digital Camera That Alters Your Image So You No Longer Look Like You

Is there such a thing as a sexist camera? Well there is now. A friend of mine emailed the link to an article from by Tobey Grumet about the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7 digital camera.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7 digital camera

The new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7 digital camera will supposedly make you look better. The camera retouches your image by making your teeth whiter, your cheeks rosy and your wrinkles less noticible.

I wouldn't want this camera flashing a picture of me. It's difficult for me to think that there might be anyone who would look at the "after" photos and think that they are an improvement.

Shternie, before and after using the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7 digital camera. Photos: Tobey Grumet for StyleList

I wouldn't even want to pose for and assist in advertising this product. This product I suppose is the more accessible version of airbrushing. Sure, we all have insecurities and perhaps have parts of our appearance that we do not find favorable. But why pretend? Why should we change ourselves so drastically?

Aeri, before and after using the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7 digital camera. Photos: Tobey Grumet for StyleList

Not only do these images make the women look like wax models but embracing these photos is a form of lying. How could anyone keep up the facade? The "before" photos look authentic...because they are. I see the "after" photos as not only false but a little frightening.

Heather, before and after using the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7 digital camera. Photos: Tobey Grumet for StyleList

As I mentioned, we all have our insecurities. Some wear make up to cover up "flaws". I personally don't wear make up because I know the minute I take it off I won't look like the image I have portrayed with powder. Sometimes I think make up can be a form of art but I definitely don't see the beauty retouches of this camera to be artistic in anyway. This product assumes that we are not happy with the way we look and therefore we need to do something about it.

I'd also like to point out that the article did not have any photos of men, just women. I can't help but wonder if the camera is geared towards women rather than men. Are women more involved in their appearances than men? Doubtful, but our society definitely asks women to "improve" their image more than men - and usually for the purpose of impressing men.

I'm not reccomending this product to anyone.

Croquembouche Cupcakes

Croquembouche Cupcakes

Made by blogger Carine from Cupcakes Galore. The recipe can be found on her Flickr account.

Carine describes this cupcake as "Vanilla cupcake base filled with chocolate cream pastry topped with mini choux pastries also filled with chocolate cream pastries. The tower is clued together with a caramel glaze with a bit of caramel sugar spun around the tower. Decorated with handmade pink marzipan roses and violet marizpan flowers with silver balls."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bath and Body Works Cupcake Hand Sanitizer

Blue Chiffon Cupcake Pocket Boc Hand Sanitizer

Red Velvet Pocket Boc Hand Sanitizer

I couldn't find either of these on the Bath and Body Works website but I did find them on I don't think these scents are discontinued at Bath and Body Works.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's at the end of a rainbow?

A cupcake! I think this is one of the most beautiful cupcakes I've ever seen.

Thanks to Cupcakes Take the Cake who posted this cupcake shot by HeyGabe

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Things Do You Do To Protect Yourself From Sexual Assault?

To All the Women Out There...

What things do you do to protect yourself from sexual assault?

1) I look in the backseat of my car before entering it, particularly at night

2) I don't make eye contact with men when I walk down the street

3) I don't drink alcohol but even when I'm drinking soda I don't leave my drink alone at parties

4) At night I will let men pass first so that I don't have to walk towards men at night

5) When I'm walking down the street at night I look for shadows of male figures behind me

6) I try to walk in a group at night

7) I try to remember my beginning karate skills from childhood

To All the Men Out There? What do you do? Anything?

Happy Anti-Street Harassment Day


This Sunday marks the first annual international Anti-Street Harassment day.

In my experience the majority of street harassment has been directed towards women. I think everyone has an idea in their own mind as to what kinds of clothing reveal too much. Just like anyone else I have seen my share of women who dress too scantily for my taste. Even so I do not believe this gives me the freedom to dehumanize another woman by insisting in my mind or out loud that she is a "whore" or something of the like.

Additionally, a scantily clad woman should not prompt heterosexual men to think that they have every right to whoop and hollar and make crude comments.

Through my search for information on Anti-Street Harassment Day I came across an article written by Hugo Schwyzer. I am very familiar with Schwyzer's work and I am always interested in what he has to say whether I agree with him or not.

In his recent Jezebel article Spring is No Excuse for Street Harassment, Schywzer says,

"It's a huge mistake to blame women's revealing clothing –- or women's bodies — for public sexual harassment. The problem is a tenacious and ugly myth about male sexuality, one that tells us that average men simply can't be expected to restrain their eyes, their words, or even their actions when faced with the reality of a woman's bare skin. Because of that belief in male weakness, we outsource their missing self-control to women. And so this myth pushes women to police each other, slut-shaming or mocking those girls who are showing 'too much'."

Men have been whistling at me since I was a teen and I don't necessarily think it's because they think I am such a rare beauty. I believe that a female walking by is often thought of as an opportunity for some men to present themselves as powerful and in control.

I remember when I was a teenager I would think to myself, "do guys really think this works on girls?" My female friends were always in agreement. I'm not sure how old I was when I came to the realization that many men verbally harassed women because they felt that that is what men are supposed to do. It's a way of proclaiming their sense of being male to the world. Unfortunately men have the wrong idea of what it is to be male. Despite that I am not male I think this is a fair assessment. Patriarchy insists that men prove themselves to women and other men. Street harassment is just one of the many ways in which some men choose to do this. It's not only sickening it is quite sad. What an enormous pressure that men have subjected themselves to.

For more information on Anti-Street Harassment go to

cupcake manicure set

Cupcake Manicure Set from Modcloth for $7.99

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cookies n' Cream Peanut Butter

To be honest I haven't tried this recipe but when I saw it I knew I had to post it. Cookies n' Cream Peanut Butter! I've got to try this. I found the recipe on the Modcloth Blog.

Cookies ‘n’ Cream Peanut Butter
Makes roughly enough for a 26 oz. jar. From Picky Palate

10 whole Oreo cookies (Okay, I used 20!)
2 cups creamy peanut butter
1 cup white chocolate chips
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 mason jar, or, reuse peanut butter jar!

1. Gather your Oreos. Place them in a large plastic bag, and then crush them with a rolling pin or other weighted object. Most anything will work, from a bowl to a common household hammer!

2. Pour your freshly crumbled Oreos in a bowl, and top with the two cups of peanut butter.

3. While the peanut butter oozes into every open inch of the Oreo crumble, prepare your white chocolate by microwaving for about a minute with two tablespoons of peanut butter, or heating it using a double boiler on your stove top.

4. Once the white chocolate concoction is melted into gooey goodness, drizzle it into the bowl of Oreos and peanut butter.

5. Gently stir the mixture, and pour into a mason jar.

Until Today


"Until today, you may not have been aware of your true identity. You may have accepted the expectations of others as the fabric of your being. Just for today, stand in your true identity without guilt, defenses or apologies"
~Iyanla Vanzant

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hello Kitty Necklaces

Check out my new Hello Kitty necklaces! Both can be found at Sanrio