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You Can Run, Why Can't I? The Grand Adventures of Barefoot Beirdo and the Limitations of Women Everywhere

An acquaintance of mine has created quite the venture for himself. He is on a trek which he hopes will weave a heightened sense of knowledge, laced within the unconscious. A fan of Jungian theory, Barefoot Beirdo, has begun a process of linking and journaling his dreams along with a 9 month run/hitch hiking/traveling spree, across the U.S.

He has given himself this name Beirdo as he can often be seen sporting a mean salt and pepper beard of varying lengths. Barefoot, is meant to describe a favored style of running. Truly barefoot or in a barefoot running shoe.

He's had several start-stops along the way, while navigating the sly and frustrating trickery of technology. He uses a computer pad to launch his posts and it hasn't always been easy.

With a foot injury interrupting his original plan, he has moved forward by hitch hiking and Grey Hounding it. Friends of his throughout the country have connected him to certain folks who could offer him a couch to lay on.

Although his original plan has been modified, he has the understanding that adventures rarely pan out as planned. With a goal comes learning and hopefully acceptance and an eventual embrace of the fact that there are different ways to transcend. 

His first encounter with hospitable travelers was with two young men and their dog. They have their own blog called Advanduras. In true (and almost comically stereotypical) hippie style, he boarded a funky looking short bus with two dudes drinking kombucha tea and taking LSD.

Recently BB asked his facebook friends to decide his next pathway. Various people suggested areas where he should explore. The most votes won. BB is a fellow Californian and thus far has made his way through Washington and Oregon. He is currently in Austin, Texas and due to his request that others play with his life, he will soon make his way to New Orleans.

I've always believed that story telling is an art form and he is executing his talents just fine.

As much as I am enjoying his stories, I can't erase the one thing that hovers over. Even when it's not directly in my face it circles somewhere. Patriarchy.

No doubt, BB's journey is an unsafe one and he must keep his wits about him in order to avoid danger. But imagine if you will, a woman embarking on the same journey, making the same decisions. The risk is immediately heightened.

So yes, even this grand adventure is an example of male privilege. This is not to say that BB should not take advantage of the wonder that this trip has granted him. I hope he relishes every bit of it. It seems that he is doing just that.

Since he began traveling I have been reminded intermittently of a time when the same issues of danger and travel were first brought to my attention. During my Junior (and Senior) year of college, I roomed with a young woman (and 3 others) who came to envy her boyfriend who would hitchhike from her city of Poulsbo, WA, to our Olympia dorm at The Evergreen State College.

She'd listen to the wonderful experiences of human connection, which it seemed a man was allowed to experience, but not a woman. She'd listen attentively as he spoke of laughter and lessons learned from the long or short durations of a car ride. A story of note was when he hitched a ride with an elderly woman who divulged her story of cancer. A woman whom he ended up holding in his arms while she cried.

This friend of mine felt that she couldn't take it anymore and finally decided to stick out her own thumb by the side of a gravely road. She was picked up by a man about five years older than she. When I met him, I remember him telling me, "I'm just glad it was me and not some dangerous guy, picking her up." A statement that exemplifies the very real truth of male privilege.

BB's most recent stories involve a free hug and Patty Griffin. Awesome via sheer randomness, no? An uncle of his asked that he find the folk artist, whom I myself favor and pass along a message. His uncle is harmless, don't worry. On his semi and half sincere mission, he has run into other interesting halts.

He was house sitting for someone in Austin but had no phone. He used facebook to ask a friend or family member to call long distance and order a pizza for him. The next day he met a fellow traveler whom he chatted with for a short time. BB describes the encounter this way: 

A fellow homeless traveler just stopped me on the streets of Austin to chat. We talked for a couple of minutes, then he suddenly asked "Can I ask you a stupid question?" I said there is no such thing. "Can I have a fucking hug?" was the question. "Of course, man" I said. He bearhugged me tightly, like it was his first hug in a long time. Highlight of my day.
My response was as follows:
That's incredible. A tiny tear tipped out of the outside corner of my eye. To me that's crying as I never cry. DAMN you B! I wonder what it was about you that drew him to you! I wish I had been there to see it. It sounds like this adventure of yours has really brought you to the "here and now", as Irvin D. Yalom (the greatest psychotherapist there ever was) would say.You seem to be bathing in the root of humanness and humility. An embrace is one of the greatest gifts. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful stories. That is a gift in itself.
BB's venture is exciting and I love that he is experiencing a new sense of freedom. Good for him. Don't you agree?
The world cannot change over night; and yes, we women have had plenty of shiftless nights. Sexism and the dangers therein will be with us for a while. So, ladies keep yourselves safe and find your own adventures even if they are limited.
To be clear, I have no interest in following in BB's bare footsteps. That truly is beside the point. 
Beebs, I couldn't be more thrilled for you. Can't wait to hear your next story, from your grand adventure!
To read more about his travels visit BB's blog, Runnin' Down a Dream: The Adventures of Barefoot Beirdo.

What's Your "Dear Ex" Story?

Dear Ex, "You're so vain. I bet you think this song is about you."

Hippie Cheesecake

Am I a Bad Person?

Who Failed Us?

1956 Swimsuit

We need more of these.

Mermaid Cupcake Sculpture

I find it funny that I found this image being that I've grown a particular affinity towards mermaids. More and more I am seeing images of two of my obsessions paired together. Here we have cupcakes and mermaids. This was displayed at the Mermaid Parade

I'm not digging the hair but all and all, it is all, aesthetically pleasing. Um..all all all. Can I say, "all" more?

Glass Mermaid Necklace by Glass and Fire

So very excited about this one. Etsy makes my heart beat, pitter patter. This piece is from Glass and Fire.

Shop Owner, Ron Murphy, has this to say about his mermaid creation:

Mermaids said to be the mythical guardian of the Sea. The sighting of a mermaid is said to have inspired the love of many mariners. Perhaps the sight of this one will inspire love in you. Take her home with you and let her guide your journey.

The colors of this necklace are divine. My descriptions cannot serve them justice. Is the body a color of peach? Perhaps Kombucha tea. The speckled torso is truly unique; and the white shimmer of her tail is reminiscent of the inside of an oyster shell.

I am grateful that the mermaid is baring her breasts just as are the portraits within mythology. Yes, bare breasts; not Disney shells. *eye browse raise*

I am also grateful for the solid make of the chain. Too often I find great pendants with horrific and cheap chains which I end up having to replace. 

I have yet to name my mermaid guide. I'll give that the time it deserves.

To view more pieces from the talented, Ron Murphy, visit Glass and Fire.

Μέδουσα by Cisastional Baubles

 "Near them their sisters three, the Gorgons, winged
With snakes for hair — hated of mortal man"
I purchased this from Cisational Baubles, on etsy.

I've always been fascinated by the story of Medusa. Medusa is a figure from Greek Mythology. One of the tree Gorgon sisters; Medusa was a creature who's stare turn a person to stone. She was beheaded by Perseus who used her head as a weapon. Later he gave it to the goddess Athena to place upon her shield. 

The necklaces is "seemingly" carved, according to the seller. The white three dimensional head piece lies atop of a hazy blueberry, creating a cameo. Upon the head of Medusa are snake not only the traditional snake curls but two horns. 

To view other pieces, visit Cisational Baubles.

Sea Shell Mermaid Necklace by Alexandre Art

I purchased this from Alexandre Art aka Moondbeam's Handmade Items, on etsy.

According to the seller; both shells were picked up from a beach in Mexico.

Floating Kitty Necklace by Locketship

This necklace is by Locketship Jewelry. I purchased it from Modcloth as it was sold for less money. I'm familiar with Locketship but I have never purchased any pieces.

This is close to a cat as I'll come. I love them but I'm allergic. Yes, feel sorry for me now.

Cats floating in outer space with purple stars is pretty groovy in my eyes. I've debated this piece for a couple years now. I keep running into it, so I figured it was time.

The pendant is a bit larger than a silver dollar and the chain is rather simplistic. This pleases me as I wanted a larger than average necklace and I wanted a basic chain. Locketship's chains are often overwhelming for me. Large, colorful beads and bows.

To purchase this piece or others, visit Locketship.

"Bounty of Style Bag"

My new bag from Modcloth! The site is giving it the ridiculous name of "Bounty of Style Bag." I'll just ignore that part.

I debated this one for a while. I wasn't sure I could pull this off without channeling Carmen Miranda. I wasn't sure what I'd wear with this purse but now I know.


Modcloth describes this bag as, "sturdy straw woven together with light blue and cream threads, this vintage-inspired handbag features bamboo handles, a magnetic snap closure, and a cornucopia of fruit bedecking the front."

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Vintage Tea Cup - Paragon Fruit Series

I am over the moon! Found this glorious tea cup and saucer at Swirling Orange 11.

This vintage tea cup and saucer set is from the Paragon "Fruit Series". You can see the pastel pink behind gold gilt. Gold and pink are a great combination. A resemblance of the pink and brown color combination that I love.

This tea cup has has plumbs, raspberries and greenery. The set is made of of bone china.

The seller states that the cup gas no chips, cracks, crazing or hairlines. The seller does admit however, that there is a bit of paint skipped in the center of the saucer. You can see this in the above photo.

I am so very excited. Can't wait until I receive this in the mail!

Antique Bronze Bracelet by Lace in Spring

Antique Bronze circles and butterfly made out of alloy. Purchased from Lace in Spring.

I fell in love with these unique circles immediately. Are they "O"s? Are they rings? Bubbles? Mystical language? I'd say they are all and none of these things.

I believe I purchased the last one, but contact the seller to see if more are on the way.

Technicolor Junk Food Bracelet by Ponies of DOOOM!

I purchased this tacky gen at Ponies of DOOOM!

I have been lucky to find more and more food themed jewelry pieces that satisfy my love for quirky aesthetics.

I think my favorite charm from this necklace is the spaghetti and meatballs.

I hate Raisinets but I'll take the bad with the good.

The bone on the pot pie is boring and confusing. The tiny pizza is cute and I love the pretty doughnut. The outdated Dr. Pepper can is awesome and the jelly missing peanut butter. There are plenty more goodies to keep me entertained. Bless, etsy.

Obamacare is.. PART II

Obamacare is..

Someone eats Crayons.

Her name is Doe Deere.

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1940s Vintage Heels by Joseph La Rose

Modcloth has been selling great vintage stock of Joseph La Rose shoes.

Modcloth Description: 

Once a fashion legend across the southern US, La Rose inspired generations of footwear designers and shoe-loving ladies, including some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, with bright shades, sophisticated flair, and swoon-worthy styles he’d sell in his stores. Proof that polished style never goes out of fashion, this fabulous '40s heel flaunts swirling stripes of pink, blue, and yellow across its peep-toe upper, as well as a fabric-wrapped heel and slim slingback.

Sometimes I feel that I should have been born in the 1940s. Although, these shoes are technically from 50s. What a great add to my vintage collection. What does this shoe remind you of? Circus? Rainbow? Pinwheel? Hot Air Balloon? How about delightful? All five work for me. I'm a lucky lady to have found these. They are unused, unworn shoes!

Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies

when violence comes to mind

lib for all

Doe Deere Promotes Her Aquataenia Line

 Lime Crime Founder, Doe Deere. Crown by Pearls & Swine

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