Friday, October 14, 2016


Is there anything prettier than fresh basil? Say no.

Monday, October 10, 2016


Can you believe that this is a mango? This is the largest Keitt Mango I've ever seen. Twas yummy. This is the stuff that has my gratitude. 

Photos by Lady J © 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Color of True and False

I have a photo collection that I have titled The Color of True and False.
I'm not sure how I feel about the name. 
Everything we see is subjective.  
So, I suppose the title is inclusive of us all
You get to decide what you feel, what you need.

Photo by Lady J © Sept 2016

Sunday, September 11, 2016


A few months ago, I dared myself to enter a mall. I hadn't been in one since 1999. I admit; I was a Hot Topic girl.

Prior to that, the last time I set foot into a mall was as a child.

I went to the mall because I decided I needed some real sunglasses.  For years I had been quite content with my $18.99 CVS sunglasses.  They didn't make me look like a bug, and they got the job done.

After I purchased my far too expensive,  grown-up sunglasses,  I noticed a sign that read, David's Tea. I power walked over there and bought Birthday Cake tea, which has real sprinkles in it.

It was on the second trip to David's Tea, that I spotted a store called LUSH, diagonally from my new favorite tea shop.

I saw a small studio sized store with young tattooed, and brightly colored haired girls . They were essentially, me in high school.

I was lured by the yummy fragrance,  and quickly came to find that I'd be spending a lt of cash.

LUSH Handmade Cosmetics is a place I now frequent. I don't wear makeup, and  surprisingly the vast majority of their products consists of shower, bath, hair, and skincare products.

What hooked me is that their products are made with a lot of organic fruits,  vegetables. Each product is indeed handmade,  and each container of whatever has a sticker with a characterized image of the person who made it, their name,  and the date it was made. The cutsey names of their products are often takes on songs, and  film.

I'm not a bath person, so I buy a lot of shower stuff.

 If you do want bath products,  they have bath bombs that offer pleasant fragrances,  and color.  I actually bought something that is supposed to create glittery gold bubbles.

Photos by Lady J ©  Sept 2016

The first item I bought at LUSH is called Happy Hippie. It's a shower gel that smells like grapefruit.  Refreshing pick me up. 

I went on to buy more shower gells, smoothies, and scrubs. Shampoos, conditioners, lotions,  masks, shaving fluff, and lip scrubs.

What the hell is a lip scrub? Something I find completely unnecessary, but so much fun. What you don't wash off, you can eat! 

Other products include hard soaps, hair repair treatment,  and henna. 

The things I buy are all a part of my "soothe yourself to bed" process. I read that somewhere.  It's an end of the day stress reliever. 

So shower fun, and pretty masks after.

All photos by Lady J © Sept 2016
It's embarrassing that the girls in there recognize me now. They always say, "Welcome back! " Eeesh.

Give this place a try for yourself.  

BTW: I'm posting from my phone and it has caused several errors. Different letter sizes, and a white background behind text.

Raw Rainbow

Photo by Lady J © Sept 2016

Well, hello tiny pistachios. You were expensive. 


Photo by Lady J © Sept 2016

Oh, how I've missed you..
Break open and squeeeeeze!  Elegant pearls of tangy fruit spill out. 

Cotton Candy Grapes

Every year.  I never get sick of them. I grab 3-4 bags each week.

Photo by Lady J  © 2016

Thank you,  Grapery for your genius creation.  These grapes are organic, and non-GMO. The cotten candy is a result of cross breeding. There is nothing artificial about these grapes that taste EXACTLY like cotten candy. When I actually allow myself to share a few, it's tickling to see the reactions on the faces of the very first bite.  The moment teeth sink in,  people are astonished,  and I like that I've shared something new, that is a lasting experience,  that will have them talking.  

I find mine at Sprouts and Whole Foods. They are in season from August 10th to September 20th. 

Grapery also sells other varieties.  
Moon Drops
Flavor Pops
Tear Drops
Flavor Promise 
Gum Drops

I've had them all, minus the Gum Drops, and Flavor Pops I hope they'll show themselves in my neck of the woods. 

To learn more,  go to the Grapery website.