Friday, July 29, 2016


I wish I could live in a Lychee Tree.  In Southern California , I had been unable to find Lychee that weren't brown.

I was and still am in great shock that I found the good stuff at my local Trader Joe's Market. I am beyond grateful.

Photos by Lady J © 2016

Cotton Candy Grapes

It's always so sad when they go. They come in the Summer, and last for a month to a month and a half.

These taste exactly like Cotton Candy.  I hope you have been able to experience them. The moment you pop one in your mouth,  there's a burst of flavor that is so unique.

Photo by Lady J © 2016

Pitaya Smoothie!

Although I much prefer Dragon Fruit with the white flesh, the color that comes from Pitaya aka Red Dragon Fruit is too good to be true. I consider the color to be magenta, not red.

Recipe :
1 Pitaya fruit
1 cup kale
1/2 - 1 cup frozen Mangoes
Almond Milk. Use your judgement and use as much as you are happy with.

All photos by Lady J © 2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cotton Candy Smoothie

Photo by Lady J © July 2016

 Candy Smoothie by Lady J.  My own creation.
Blended Frozen Bananas poured into a bowl and mixed with Beet Powder.
Blended Frozen Bananas poured into a separate bowl and mixed with Blue Spirulina.
Mixed contents of both bowls together.
Fresh Blueberries inside the mason jar.
Sipped through a designed glass straw.