Sunday, April 20, 2014

Columbine. It's Been 15 Years.

Today marks the15th year after Columbine. Each time this year, I settle in for some reflection, & often a good dose of reading. 

Feminist-sociologist, Michael Kimmel, has asserted that mass shootings seem to have a common theme. Male. White. 

 As a person in the mental health biz, I do know that it can play a part (and I am not suggesting that it had or had not within the Columbine events) but I also think we cannot ignore, that it's not about just illness, and guns. It's often anger, about race, and gender. 

There is great love for all those who want it, and share it--but anger is the only real emotion that is rewarded among men. Aren't we done yet? Can we put down privilege? Can we put down patriarchy? Can we create and move forward with resources for all?


To those who died, to those who still suffer. You are bigger than I will ever be.