Friday, February 10, 2017

Passion Fruit Nice Cream

Frozen Bananas and fresh Passion Fruit. Blend!

All photos by Lady J 2017

Cupcake Bath Bombs by Melted Addiction

Birthday Cake Cupcake Bath Bomb and Tiki Tom Boy Cupcake Bath Bomb by Melted Addiction. Bought these from Etsy.
Birthday Cake: Smells like sweet... birthday cake.
Tiki Tom Boy: Smells like Lemon,  Toasted Coconut,  Orchid Petals, Green Leaves,  White Cedar, Vanilla Musk.
Both consist of oils from Aloe Vera, Coconut,  Grapeseed, Sweet Almond,  Olive, Avocado, Sunflower,  Jojoba.
The bottom of the bath bomb is what fizzes. The frosting took forever to melt down. I wasn't able to remove the wrapper  of the Tiki cupcake completely, so I let it come off in the water.

All photos by Lady J 2017

Morning Ghost

This morning as I was walking in to work,  I heard a person behind me quicken their pace so as to step along side me. I looked to my left to a woman looking at me intensely. She was so errie, it was if she were a ghost.  My heart began beating faster as she whispered sharply; EXCUUUSE MEEEE!
.......your sweater's on backwards.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Opal Apple

The Opal Apple is one of my favorite apples. In addition to their great taste, their natural slow oxidation rate means they don’t brown after biting into it. I was chomping on this apple at work, when things got really busy and it was left out for three hours! I learned that Opals are a non-GMO cross between a Golden Delicious and Topaz. They are grown exclusively in the United States by Broetje Orchards in Washington. They're kinda pricey, but I think it's worth picking up a couple.

Photo by Lady J 2017