Sunday, May 31, 2009

Andy Goldsworthy

I've been a fan of Andy Goldsworthy for years. His work continues to impress me. He is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who uses art to create it. He uses nature. He has published many books filled with photography of his work. In 2001 he came out with, a domcumentary distributed through dvd, entitled "Rivers and Tides."

"I find some of my new works, just as I find nature as a whole disturbing. The landscape is often perceived as pastoral, pretty, beautiful - something to be enjoyed as a backdrop to your weekend before going back to the nitty-gritty of urban life. But anybody who works the land knows it's not like that. Nature can be harsh - difficult and brutal, as well as beautiful. You couldn't walk five minutes from here without coming across something that is dead or decaying."
--------------------------------------Andy Goldsworthy


Stella Im Hultberg was born Seoul, Korea and came to the states to study art design. Her work appears in exhibitions across the country. Her work is rendered in oil and ink and on tea stained paper.

Amazing Amy

"Find Your Wings"

Amy Rice creates her art using mostly stencils that she cuts and designs herself.
Amy is also an art instructor and advocate for adults with severe and persistant mental illness. Being that I am a psychiatric social worker and I am incredibly impressed by this.

"Feeding the Habit"
This is my favorite piece from Amy Rice. I love tea and I adore this sweet and calming image. It very much reminds me of Alice and Wonderland.

"Cupcake Bird"
I've noticed that Amy Rice has several pieces with cupcakes. Cupcakes are an obsession of mine so I am thrilled to see them in her work.

"Play Music"

"Cupcake Garden"
How perfect is this?

"Prize Pear"


"Keep Spring In Your Heart"

"Wishing Cupcake Flowers"

The dream world of Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki studied fine art painting at the Pratt Institute for 2 years but dropped out without completing her degree. I don't think she needed the degree! Her creative paintings often run the themes of erotic, innocent and melancholy. I certainly hope to purchase one of her paintings in the future.

After The Fire

As I Fall

Blue Girl

Blue Girls

Come Play With Me

Forget Me Not


I'll Stay Here


My Dishonest Heart


Not The Only One




Silent Stories


Snail Me