Sunday, March 23, 2014

Keep Calm and..

someone who gets me

someone who just doesn't know that he gets me. when i grow up i want to be just like me.

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i'd like to believe that he fully embraces a sense of play, and is not simply delirious from lack of unliquified sustenance. a lesson to us all. don't ever lose your sense of play, for if you do, God, Satan, Santa, and Al Qaeda wins. and so do girls who use the word "bestie", guys who dig girls who do, and those who insist alcohol need be photographed and put up on social media pages. God forbid. find yourself an old game of hungry hungry hippos, remember the days of "playing pretend", discover that doing a cartwheel is like riding a bike, you're never too mature to abandon capital letters, and know that skipping can still be fun at 33. and HR here shows us what is still necessary at 53. i'll check back again, when he's 70, and you are ___.

oh; and i juice.

i'll race you to the swings!

i'll work on the former. the later i have down pat.

only a metallica can understand me now.

when we all break out the cry of "if it ain't broke don't fix it", the internet figures will get over it. then they can give it some feigned validity by calling it the "new normal." Trickery meets puppets. Not me. Honestly not. I just cramp with stubbornness.

if love thy neighbor is too overwhelming, then find a sliver of decency.

i feel really uncomfortable being in the presence of people who think it's funny when people fall.

the urk and disappointment of miley cyrus, caused the abandon of hope and capital letters

oh miley. i turned off the tv, but didn't think to turn off the magazines. as i turned my head too quickly to avoid self inflicted pain-- that i decided to blame the sexified teen for ---i had an inspired thought. madonna was considered--almost by law--to be an inspiration to all things pop, female,and impressionable enough to feel honored to partake in the clumsy losing of the clothes tradition. but ...madonna grew up. grew, aged, and got wise and spiritual. humility and arm muscle is the new skinny. i believe it truly. let us all roll around on the floor in something lacy and white, in symbolic prayer. maybe they'll grow out of it and find that the way to enlightenment is to make a kabuki themed music video. it's just a simple game of follow the leader. for the sake of your kids; in Britney we trust.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

F-words and f-words

Dear Sexism,
There is no insistence from feminists, that feminism be spelled with a capital F. It's your insistence that we think it's important that is sexist.

Dear sexism..

Dear sexism,
Believe it or not, feminists do get tired.

true story

sometimes we forget that doodling has great spiritual value

the weight of strawberries

If you read, write, hear, utter the word strawberry or if you are to draw or see the image of one without thinking of a Beatles song in some way; I don't want to know you.



More and more my leisure reading ends up being a text book. What is that?

Book Learnin'

Last night I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up more of those book things, and a small boy caught my eye. He had been running around nosily and his who I assume was his guardian was reading a romance novel, not paying attention to how he was disturbing all around. He stopped to look at me, and before he revved up again, I made a motion as to suggest that I was going to run with him. He bolted and I followed and I asked; "where are we going?" He gleefully replied, "I don't know!" Finally we landed right in front of the children's book section. He smiled, he found mommy, auntie, nanny, stranger,  somebody, and I looked down at the first floor, to a whole lotta people looking up. One of the best nights of my life. I think I'll do that more often.

said with warning and love



This is a Trailer for LOVE.
Release Date: February 14, 2014
Director: Larry Wessel
Music: Swan Lake Dub by DuBoLoGy (Album: Dub Lab on Angel Dust Records)

LOVE is here...

LOVE is Larry Wessel's new feature-length documentary about an extraordinary painter from New Mexico and her astonishing works of art.

Beth Moore-Love is perhaps the greatest living artist working in America today. Her works can be found in private collections throughout the United States and Europe. She is a national treasure and yet, she is virtually unknown. Filmmaker Larry Wessel is determined to change that with his nine year labor of love...his upcoming feature-length documentary called LOVE.


"My 'artwork' has always been very cynical and ANGRY. I read a quote once, I don't remember who said it, something about the purpose of art being to soothe the spirit after a hard day of 'reality'. What does that mean? I once saw a two-page advertisement for some stupid car, on one side of the fold-out was a photo of Monument Valley, morphing into the skyline of Manhattan. On the other page, over Monument Valley was written 'The Dream', over Manhattan was written: 'The Reality'. And I saw right away that this was completely backwards. So my purpose as an artist is to soothe these people who turn our world up-side down for profit? These people who feel spiritually bereft after a hard day of raping and pillaging? F*ck that. I will NOT. I'm going to sneak it on the wall, and slap the sh*t out of them with the truth of it. Is there ugliness and horror in my work? Absolutely. Do you think that my work is distatsteful? You are correct!"

- Beth Moore-Love
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LOVE is here...

The FaceBook Fan Page for LOVE is Facebookdotcom/LoveTheBethMooreLoveDocum



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ma'am yes ma'am


Vision by Carol Steen

Vision by Carol Steen; Oil on Paper; 15x12-3/4" 1996. A representation of a synesthetic photism experienced during acupuncture.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ital Tek - Babel

Ital Tek - Babel

Visit: iTAL tEK facebook

Official Music Video for ITAL TEK - BABEL
From the album Midnight Colour
Directed by Jack Pirie and Alex Hylands-White
Produced by Jack Pirie
Director of Photography -- Jaime Feliu Torres
Dancer -- Victoria Heathcote
Choreography -- Samantha Vale
Art Director -- Rich Morrell and Hayley Gibbs
Art Department -- Amy Smith, Marcy Hudakova, Scott Watson, Sabrina Shah
Make Up Artist and UV Design -- Elvis Schmoulianoff
Stills -- Marcy Hudakova
Gaffer - Paul Thomas
Spark - Viv Chan
Colourist -- Jack Jones

Format: RED One

Dir. Jack Pirie and Alex Hylands-White
Halcyon Nights