Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fully Raw Kristina Says Thank You & Farewell to Her 11 year Co-op

After I post a recipe by her, I learn that she has to close her 11 year co-op,  due to big business take over. All she asks is to "PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL & ORGANIC FARMERS."

Kristina Carillo-Bucaram aka FullyRaw Kristina has been running the largest co-op in the US, stationed in Houston,  TX for nearly 12 years--which is how long she's been eating nothing but Fruit, Vegetables,  Nuts and Seeds. She cured her Hyperglycemia with Raw Foods and she has spent so much energy in motivating others to eat healthier. She started out posting YouTube videos,  and after a long run, she branched out to making a recipe book (you can grab it in book stores or Amazon) and started her FullyRaw juice company.  She is currently spending some time in Bali focusing on healing. I'm sending out a smile and some good ol' Love and Light. If you've ever been to a farmer's market then you know where to get the good stuff, and you are supporting wonderful people who bring it to you.  Thank you Kristina for all that you've done for
us. I know great things are to come.

All photos are not to my credit. 

Her words below:
After 11 Years, why I am closing down Rawfully Organic. Many of you know me as the girl who carried around 80 lb. watermels and started a raw food community co-operative around fruits and vegetables in Texas and who educated people on how to change their health. Much has changed during the recent year, and despite my sadness in this video, I have SO MUCH HOPE for good things to come. I encourage everyone to PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL AND ORGANIC FARMERS. Your dollar makes a difference. Small businesses like mine go under everyday. Think about what really matters. Don't compromise your health. I want to say a very special thank you to EVERYONE, the co-op community and volunteers, for loving this beautiful larger than life co-op as much as me, for all of your time and support and hugs. It has meant the world. Me making this video is truly because I need to share with my co-op family what I happening and I feel the need to be open and authentic, in hopes it can help to create more positive change. I took time to make this video. I will continue to make videos and recipes. Much is in store. I truly appreciate your compassion and support during this time. Much love. Order your signed copies of my book here: Subscribe to My YouTube Channel here at and follow my Instagram at Snapchat: fullyraw. Thank you for all your love and support! I appreciate you all so much! Delicious Raw Food & Vegan Recipes on my Website: Want to keep up with me daily? ❤ Co-op: ❤ FullyRaw: ❤ FullyRaw You Tube: ❤ FullyRaw Kristina Facebook Page: ❤ Kristina's Bio: ❤ Kristina's Blog: ❤ ROC Facebook: ❤ Rawfully Organic Twitter:
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