Saturday, July 21, 2012

1940s Vitality Vintage Crocodile Peep Toe Platforms in Maroon Red

Oh ebay, what you do to me. New vintage beauties for me! Etsy, is my main squeeze, but sometimes I'm naughty and I cheat with ebay. I just purchased these lovelies from mmfan123. 1940s (a decade I sometimes think I should have been born in) Vitality Vintage Crocodile Peep Toe Platforms. Vitality is the shoe brand. I won't be swing dancing in these, just wearing them about town. I wouldn't dare put the the wear and tear of fast dance on these.

They come in a maroon red.

The snake skin pattern, I actually could do without, but it isn't that bothersome. It's not overbearing and it doesn't take away from the style of the shoe.

The shoes are made of faux leather.

"Gently worn" as the seller puts it.

Per seller, the elastic straps are in great shape. From the looks of it, they are.

The seller, gives detailing of the imperfections of this shoe. Here is a loose thread. The seller also mentions that the in soles are a little lose, but that is how most vintage shoes come. Repair is usually needed. In this case it seems that modest repair will do. That's always what I'm looking for.

The heels are 4 inches high.

And for the pièce de résistance, here is how they look on a foot. This is not my foot, as I have yet to receive the shoes in the mail. But grand, no?

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