Saturday, September 8, 2012

Feminism is Not Free From Failure

"It is not just men who do not take their pain seriously. Most women do not want to deal with male pain if it interferes with the satisfaction of female desire.  When feminist movement led to men’s liberation, including male exploration of “feelings,” SOME WOMEN MOCKED MALE EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION WITH THE SAME DISGUST & CONTEMPT AS SEXIST MEN. DESPITE ALL THE EXPRESSED FEMINIST LONGING FOR MEN OF FEELING, WHEN MEN WORKED TO GET IN TOUCH WITH FEELINGS, NO ONE REALLY WANTED TO REWARD THEM. In feminist circles men who wanted to change were often labeled narcissistic or needy. "
~Bell Hooks

A heartbreaking example as to how patriarchy affects women. Some don’t know what to do with a man’s vulnerability and in some way believe that men truly must be “tougher.” It exemplifies how women cannot point their fingers at men only, but must work on themselves as well. There is no shame here, but rather encouragement to be at one’s best.

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