Saturday, September 8, 2012



 Now THIS is tough. But I use it as exercise.

"Stress is the consequence of resistance. It is not caused by circumstances of your life. It is not caused by the painful emotions you experience either. It is caused by your resistance to your life. Challenging and changing a circumstance and resisting it are different. Challenging a situation is using your will to change what you are experiencing - to change the dynamic within yourself that is producing the situation. Resisting is wishing in that moment that you were not experiencing it. It is attempting to stop the experience. Resistance is the loss of energy that results when you attempt with your thoughts and your feelings, to change a person, event, or circumstance. To change your life you must accept your life. This appears to be a paradox but it is not. Once you accept your life - greet it without resistance - you can determine what you need to change in order to create the circumstances and experiences that you desire."
~Gary Zukav

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