Friday, October 25, 2013

Black Fish

Black Fish: a doc from the perspective of former Sea World trainers speak about the deaths of whale trainers killed by the animals. The film was playing in select theaters only, but CNN debuted it last night, followed by 2 hour discussions by 2 panels. They debated as to whether Sea World & other sea parks should exist. I say NO. Surprised that even Jack Hanna believes that Sea World is safe for trainers, & healthy for whales. In the end $/entertainment wins. The trainers discuss whether a relationship exists with the whales or if they simply respond to food. They discuss separation of whales, mistreatment of whales, and realizing that the whales aren't theirs. They are owned.

Official Black Fish Trailer - 2013

Circus? No. Zoo? No. Sea World? NO! We would lose a historical staple of entertainment, & $ would be lost. So what? There are other ways to learn about whales, & it is soulless to think that whales should have to sing for their supper. The park uses the word "behaviors", but they are in fact tricks. There is no part of these parks that benefit the whales. What's in it for them? Nothing. 

Black Fish Looks at Whales in Captivity

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