Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Seem to Attract Butterflies. Why?

I built this one up.

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  1. from a Yahoo Answer page: The fae enjoy taking the form of butterflies, hummingbirds and fireflies to enjoy our physical reality. If you're noticing them frequently around or near you, there is some part of your energy that they are attracted to. I watched a bumble bee fly into a full bus, one time, and land on a woman's finger. Instead of the howls of outrage from the people who did not want to get stung, she had calmly smiled, put her hand slowly out the window and the bee flew off. There was a glow and a calm presence about her and you could easily see that she had a connection with nature that was quite admirable. My point is that butterflies do not hang around a person without reason - they're attracted to the person's energy and light. Any changes in your life recently? Working with plants, animals or a garden? Maybe a new awareness? Our thoughts and emotions are powerful sources of energy that many people take for granted but are easily distinguished by those entities who live in the realm of spirit. You didn't indicate how long this had been going on so my initial insight is that something has changed for you recently and you may not even be fully aware of it. That won't remain the case for long. Keep your eyes and mind open. ~