Monday, August 17, 2015

Dragonfruit is Magic

A year ago I fell in love with dragonfruit. I found a few at Whole Foods  aka Whole Paycheck for.... $9.98 each!  Gasp. I know.  I picked it up,  sat it down, circled the aisle. Picked it up, sat it down, circled the aisle. 15 minutes later I justified it to myself and I bought it. It was worth it. It was small, pretty, and magenta.

It was mildly sweet which made the fruit all the more interesting. Being that it's such a spectacle, I would have expected different.

I was dying to find the variety that features white inside flesh.  I had heard that it was sweeter. I did some investigating and learned that an Asian market called the 99 Ranch Market sold dragonfruit. The closest location to me is in Gardena, CA.  15 -20 minute drive.  Quick!

Here's what happened.

I wish I could see what's happening to your faces right now. My jaw dropped.


There is so much to appreciate here. I bought 6! $2.99 each! I got a white one!

Like rising buildings or a toss of the dice. Instead of scooping out the flesh I cut it mango-style as I once saw Wendi Phan from Wendiland do. The fruit skin didn't allow for the fruit to peel out, so it rose instead. A a weird, quirky, glorious vision.

Fresh, sweet, light , delicate crunch from the barely-there seeds, and color color color. It was indeed sweeter than the magenta flesh fruit, but I'm also adding in the fact this shipment is far superior to what I had found at Whole Foods.

Filled to the brim with gratitude and contentment. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'll be back next week!

All photos by Lady J © Aug 2015

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