Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I'm pretty sure mangoes love me

My mango stash is ripening fast, so down the hatch! Mangoes are a staple for me, so I buy a lot each week. Tonight I made a mono-meal of 5 huge Keitt Mangoes. So smooth that they practically melt in your mouth.

If I don't want to mono-meal mangoes I may add some cucumber,  cherry or grape tomatoes,  and drizzle lime on top . This is one of my favorite meals.

Depending on the size, one mango is 100 calories or a bit over. For the most part I know how many calories are in the fruits and vegetables I consume which makes calculations easier.

On the 80/10/10 low fat, high carb, raw vegan diet  (that's a mouth full,  and very eye roll worthy), I typically consume anywhere between 1500 - 2000 a day, depending on how active I am.  The more ballet, swing dancing, and dance cardio, I do on any given day,  the more I need to eat. Fruit is fuel.

Photo by Lady J in Lotus Pose © 2015

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