Sunday, March 6, 2016

Griffith Park Tea House Installation Comes to San Pedro

Opening ceremony for the Griffith Park Tea House installation took place last night. I was unable to attend so I visited the tea house, briefly, Friday afternoon.

The tea house sits atop Knoll Hill in San Pedro. It appears that this may be a travelling installation.  Pedro may not be its home.

Note all photos are by Lady J © March 2016. Photos are meant for this blog only.

Inside the house was a small bench, a bell, and wooden tablets to scribe upon. On these tablets wishes are written.  When I arrived,  I was greeted by a woman who had collected what looked to be about 100 wishes that had flown away due to high wind.

Some of the wishes were warming and others were just plain ridiculous.

My wish for Los Angeles:

A wish
A hope
A knowing
that inside our ribs
we carry the light that lives
and the light that dims

I'm so appreciative of this installation.  I love tea houses,  and I love Pedro, Los Angeles, and the powerful simplicity of a wish.

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