Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cotton Candy Grapes

Every year.  I never get sick of them. I grab 3-4 bags each week.

Photo by Lady J  © 2016

Thank you,  Grapery for your genius creation.  These grapes are organic, and non-GMO. The cotten candy is a result of cross breeding. There is nothing artificial about these grapes that taste EXACTLY like cotten candy. When I actually allow myself to share a few, it's tickling to see the reactions on the faces of the very first bite.  The moment teeth sink in,  people are astonished,  and I like that I've shared something new, that is a lasting experience,  that will have them talking.  

I find mine at Sprouts and Whole Foods. They are in season from August 10th to September 20th. 

Grapery also sells other varieties.  
Moon Drops
Flavor Pops
Tear Drops
Flavor Promise 
Gum Drops

I've had them all, minus the Gum Drops, and Flavor Pops I hope they'll show themselves in my neck of the woods. 

To learn more,  go to the Grapery website. 

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