Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hex Bombs

Dominion is a bath bomb by Hex Bomb described as a "Metallic Bloodbath" (I dont know what this means. It did have a slight metallic/penny/blood smell. I don't think it was my imagination) with Kaolin Clay/Epsom Salts, St. John's Wort Oil and shimmer. Scent is Dragons Blood, Vanilla, Patchouli, Rose, Orange and Jasmine. I bought a box of assorted bath bombs. My phone didn't pick up how dark the red water was nor the shimmer. So disappointing. I really did look like I was lying in a pool of blood. Kind of gorey as my arms floated in the water as I lay back, and as my legs daintily  positioned themselves in and outside of the water.  What helped me freak out less was the pleasant scent.

All photos by Lady J 2017. Not meant for distribution. 

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