Saturday, August 18, 2012

1 Year Free for the West Memphis Three

1 year of freedom for the West Memphis Three. The three had remained in prison for 18 years as they were wrongfully accused of murdering three boys. What freed them was a deal that required that the three plead guilty to the murders, while the State of Arkansas claimed that the evidence against them the three was weak.

Evan Agostini/Associated Press - Oct 2011

According to the New York Times, Jessie Misskelley lives in Arkansas, is engaged and is studying to be an auto mechanic. It is Misskelley who lead to the three's conviction in 1994. Throughout the media it has been said that his confession was due to his fear and a low I.Q. He is engaged.

Jason Baldwin  is working toward a law degree in Seattle. He is married to one of his supporters.

Damien Echols is married to one of his supporters. He wrote a memoir, called Life After Death, and it has yet to be released.

A film about their story is in the works.

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