Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adored Vintage Clothing and the Into the Wild shoot at Salvation Mountain

You wouldn't know by looking at this first image that this is an ad for vintage clothing and unless you are familiar with Salvation Mountain, you wouldn't recognize the backdrop either.

This Into the Wild photo shoot is meant to promote Adored Vintage Clothing. I often purchase 1940s vintage clothing from Adored, however, I never thought I'd see yet another "troubled" waif modelling shoot on such sacred ground. Sacred in its history and effort.

The Into the Wild shoot is no doubt named after the film Into the Wild which featured Salvation Mountain.

So what is Salvation Mountain? A place that no doubt was granted permission by its owner. So, in that sense, is it truly such a disgrace? Perhaps not.

Salvation Mountain is located in Imperial County close to the Salton Sea: it is a creation by Leonard Knight. Leonard is an 81 year old man who created this mountain out of his love for God. Travelers who believe and do not believe in God, have stopped to meet Leonard and see his amazing mountain.

Just this past year, Leonard has had some problems that come along with age. He's doing well, and the mountain continues to be maintained.

Although I feel that the model and the art don't go together, I imagine it will help fund the upkeep of the masterpiece.

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