Sunday, April 14, 2013

Found My Way & Turning Point by Seychelles Footwear

New styles from Seychelles Footwear.

Found My Way (Mint)

Wintermint is my favorite color. I'm very picky about mint, however, I take chances as it is a rarity that I find a piece of wardrobe that gets it just right. 

I purchased this shoe and it has yet to arrive. The material is leather and I'm hoping that the hue will not come off as clay.

The shoe also comes Black, Lavender, Tan, and Copper. I would have sought the Lavender but I am not pleased with it.

Turning Point (Green)

The above shoe color is advertised as Green. This appears to be more of a Teal: this is what I'm hoping for.

The shoe also comes in Clay, Nude, Plum, Yellow, and Black.

It's important to mention that it remains appalling that wardrobe companies are still labeling light tan colors as nude. Nude comes in many colors, and to suggest otherwise is oppressive.A side note that may have brought this breezy post, to a halt, but we need to address these things as they arise.

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