Sunday, April 7, 2013

Keith & Ron & Dez & Henry shirts by Fabrication Fabrication

I find it so interesting that I've come across this as I am in the midst of reading Spray Paint the Walls: The Story of Black Flag by Stevie Chick.

Below are shirts made by Fabrication Fabrication.

There are two versions for sale. One includes features Ron Reyes' first name and the other a foisted nick name: Chavo.

 From the website:

Why Two Versions?
Because second singer for Black Flag, Ron Reyes, legendarily quit the band mid-show, leaving the remaining members to play “Louie Louie” for the rest of their set. Ron agreed to finish recording the Jealous AgainEP, but subsequent bad blood led to the band deciding to bill him as “Chavo Pederast” (implying he was a pedophile) on the record sleeve when the EP was released.
Since calling him Chavo was more of a “mean-spirited” joke than Ron’s nom de punk, it seemed more appropriate and historically accurate to make a shirt listing him with the name his friends at the time knew him by (Ron), and not the name they slapped on him in anger (Chavo).
How does Ron feel about it? To quote from Stevie Chick's Spray-Paint The Walls: The Story of Black Flag:

At the time, I’m not even sure I understood the derogatory nature of the name, and I don’t think I would have cared anyway. It seemed a very natural, punk-rock thing to do, and I would have done the same thing if I were in their shoes…I didn’t care one bit… Until I started having kids [laughs]. When…the meaning of that name became more apparent to me, then it was something I felt a little shame over. I found I had to explain myself, a lot, when people called me Chavo Pederast.
Do you view history as being written by the winners, the losers, or impartial third parties? Let your philosophy guide you, punk.

From the website:

Our shirts are made by Alternative Apparel. They have slimmer, more American Apparel-like fits, than regular T-shirts.

Their fit chart shows the following sizes:

CHEST (measurement in inches)
S:    36 - 38
M:   39 - 41
L:    42 - 44
XL:  45 - 47
XXL: 48 - 50

I will be purchasing the size small. It's too bad that the shirt isn't available in women's sizes.

I'm not a fan of wearing band shirts as it feels like an advertisement and some kind of proclamation or declaration. It's almost akin to bumper-sticker politics. I wouldn't wear a Che or This is What a Feminist Looks Like shirt, nor would I sport a Marley or Black Flag logo shirt. What's appealing about Fabrication Frabrication shirt is that it is cheeky and clever.

So yes, I'll be purchasing The Ron Version shirt for 15 bucks, but it will be a bang-around shirt: a shirt I sleep in or wear while I'm futzing around the house.

Below is street artist, Shepard Fairey sporting The Ron Version in a Coachella advertisement. The shirts on the website are black on black. I dig them, but wouldn't mind a white on black shirt, either.

Intrigued yet? Curious? Visit Fabrication Fabrication.

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