Sunday, March 23, 2014

someone who gets me

someone who just doesn't know that he gets me. when i grow up i want to be just like me.

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i'd like to believe that he fully embraces a sense of play, and is not simply delirious from lack of unliquified sustenance. a lesson to us all. don't ever lose your sense of play, for if you do, God, Satan, Santa, and Al Qaeda wins. and so do girls who use the word "bestie", guys who dig girls who do, and those who insist alcohol need be photographed and put up on social media pages. God forbid. find yourself an old game of hungry hungry hippos, remember the days of "playing pretend", discover that doing a cartwheel is like riding a bike, you're never too mature to abandon capital letters, and know that skipping can still be fun at 33. and HR here shows us what is still necessary at 53. i'll check back again, when he's 70, and you are ___.

oh; and i juice.

i'll race you to the swings!

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