Sunday, March 23, 2014

the urk and disappointment of miley cyrus, caused the abandon of hope and capital letters

oh miley. i turned off the tv, but didn't think to turn off the magazines. as i turned my head too quickly to avoid self inflicted pain-- that i decided to blame the sexified teen for ---i had an inspired thought. madonna was considered--almost by law--to be an inspiration to all things pop, female,and impressionable enough to feel honored to partake in the clumsy losing of the clothes tradition. but ...madonna grew up. grew, aged, and got wise and spiritual. humility and arm muscle is the new skinny. i believe it truly. let us all roll around on the floor in something lacy and white, in symbolic prayer. maybe they'll grow out of it and find that the way to enlightenment is to make a kabuki themed music video. it's just a simple game of follow the leader. for the sake of your kids; in Britney we trust.

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