Thursday, November 10, 2016

My 11/ 9/ 16 Sentiments on Trump's Win, Posted on Facebook

Wednesday 11/9/16 7:47pm

I want to cling to our president.  Listening to the warmth and maturity in his voice as he tells us he's been having  conversations with trump gives me the image of a gentleman speaking to a wind-up toy. It's been a day of running to the restroom to hide tears, carrying tissues,  pretending I have allergies,  hating the voice of anyone  who seems unaffected,  hating the "water cooler chat" because an "ain't that sumthin'" tone means they weren't truly invested. I've been upset by "professionalism",  uncertain why there aren't more people who were bigger than I and had the guts to stay home,  and feeling that everyone around me is suspect.  Did you vote for him? Did you? You? What about you? Eventually, I'll be able to find comfort and maybe even feel fueled by the confident words that I've been scrolling through.  From friends, from activists, and speakers I admire. Opinions about future victories, and our ability to unite, and work harder. You are in a more evolved place than I .  Sometimes I can't hear what you're saying .  Sometimes such adamant, and eloquent words sound like "blah blah blah." It is however  nice to know that there are so many of you who have become my teachers. What I have come to see tonight is that I need to know the country better. I haven't seen enough of it. 50 states is a lot of ground, and there is a   climate that exists,  that I don't know of first hand.

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