Thursday, November 10, 2016

My 11/8/16 Sentiments on Trump's Win Posted on Facebook


Nervous. Tired. Makes me emotional and unusually weird. I some how thought I'd be soothed by Whole Foods?  Nah, I just made a stop but not really knowing where I was wandering. In a haze.  So, there I am at the checkout with Pineapples, Purple Carrots, Cucumbers,  Rambutans, and Coconut Water. Um. Yeah. The cashier looks unfamiliar to me. I hear the guy telling the woman he's ringing up, that it's his second day working there. The woman says, "Congratulations! " This made me feel good inside to know a person would congratulate someone for starting a new job. I almost got a little teary. Told you.  Emotional. When it was my turn to pay, I saw a sign posted that said he is a new employee, so please be patient.  Does that make things better or worse for him?  It was as if he were in a cage, and we were all spectators,  looking at a sign that said "don't feed the bear."  Drove home, thinking about how grateful I am to have the right to vote. Thought about a person whom I convinced to vote for the first time. She's 32 and has never voted. She was kind of lax about it,  but she became increasingly excited about it as the day moved forward one foot after the other. She's going to earn that sticker that we all love so much.  The last thing she said to me was, " I'm going to wear that thing with pride!" THAT definitely prompted some tears. She didn't see them come so don't tell her. Time to take a shower,  turn on the telly, and clench.  Here we go.

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