Wednesday, October 3, 2012

G-Spirits Sells Alcohol Poured Over the Breasts of Female Models

Maximilian Goldbach via YouTube
Hungarian Playboy Playmate; Alexa Vargas

G-Spirits is a German liquor company promoting an alcohol line that is supposedly poured on the breasts of models.

According to the NY Daily News, G-Spirits founders had this to say about their product: "It's not just the taste which makes you enjoy a drink fully. Good flavour is the basis, the conveying feeling, the highlight. However, for us there is nothing more than the erotism of a beautiful woman."

Maximilian Goldbach via YouTube  

Would you drink it?

Women's bodies are often used to hawk product. I can't speak to the motivation of these women, but it would be irresponsible to refrain from questioning. There are plenty of women who cater to men by behaving in ways that they believe will appeal to them. In return there is some sort of payoff. I suppose that payoff is different for each individual. An all too common reason is a feeling of perceived empowerment and flattery.

It's nice to feel admired and wanted, but some are willing to go further than others. I have no interest in pushing men to eroticize the idea of consuming me in some way. For others; perhaps it is the ultimate compliment. 

It's not always easy to agree to disagree and it has nothing to do with pride. Women using their bodies to sell product affects me in that it promotes the on going belief that women are expected to make themselves available to men in this way.

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