Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nude by Rhianna

Pop singer Rhianna has a new fragrance. Why is it that so many singers and actors feel the need to tack their name onto a fragrance? It's become eye roll worthy. More importantly, why is it that she (and/or her "creative" team) decided to dress her Nude perfume in a pink uniform?

It was just recently that I noticed that there are still so many tan/pink/beige makeup products and clothing items that are considered nude. I haven't worn makeup in 12 years, but I do recall owning a nude lipstick. How is it that even now, nude still exists?

Here, Rhianna sports a blonde Marilyn Monroe do, and a nude bra that is nothing like her own skin tone. It pains me to see that corporations continue to ignore that nude comes in different colors.

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