Saturday, October 13, 2012

Men Who Think They Can Compartmentlize Porn and Reality

"I’m not a biologist or a psychologist, but it seems perfectly plausible to me that the desire to look at lots and lots of naked women isn’t just a function of culture, but may also be a function of physiology. 

But so what?  Lots of things are natural — and natural is not, despite the claim of some health food stores, invariably a synonym for "good."  It’s natural for us to defecate on ourselves; using the toilet is a learned behavior that involves controlling an instinctive urge.  I think we’re all deeply grateful to have learned to control this natural instinct.  I’m not interested in suggesting that feminist men shouldn’t want to look at porn; I’m suggesting that he should overcome what may be for him a very basic instinct.  In other words, what makes a man a pro-feminist is not the absence of desire, but his commitment to work to redirect that desire.

Ultimately, the great tragedy of porn is that it teaches the men who use it to pursue "everlasting novelty."

~Hugo Schwyzer (gender studies professor at Pasadena College in California). Excerpt from The Average Guy Who Can Compartmentalize, Disconnect, and Then Come Back: A Response to Ethan On Porn.

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