Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gender studies professor, Hugo Schwyzer, appears on The Ricki Lake Show and talks about his own circumcision at age 37. To snip or not to snip, was the question of the hour.

Very proud of internet pal, Hugo Schwyzer, who was featured on today's Ricki Lake Show. To snip or not to snip? This was the question of the hour.

A couple, soon to have a boy, debated whether or not to circumcise their son. Mommy wants to snip, daddy doesn't. Two doctors discussed common arguments for a yay or nay decision. Schwyzer, shared a personal about his own circumcision which took place eight years ago, at the age of 37.

Hugo Schwyzer is a gender studies professor at Pasadena College, CA. He is a feminist activist, author, speaker and blogger. To learn more about Hugo, visit his website, here.

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