Friday, November 2, 2012

"Try" Has Me Jealous

I can't stop watching this video and I can't stop wishing that I was a part of it. I'm not the hugest Pink fan, but I do think she has got some great pipes. The below video features the type of dance, I wish more music videos would dare explore.

I will say that there is one moment which unnerved me instantly. So, let this be my trigger warning. There is a moment where Pink's partner spreads her legs wide and fits his foot underneath her crotch and kicks upward. It's a brisk movement, in keeping with a modern dance tempo -- even so, I instantly thought, RAPE.

I also saw it as a creative way in which to switch the "being kicked in the balls" idea. As a woman, as a feminist, I am certainly aware that there may be some who take issue with the violence that takes place here. I view it as two shapes in motion, moving with and against the strength of their bodies. A confrontation between love, fear and frustration. Symbolism exists as these forces push against each other, try to find stability, while trying to destroy the other.

I envy Pink's experience as I imagine it would take a great amount of team work, trust, care, strength, practice, trial and error, vulnerability and introspection to complete this project.

Try - by Pink

The "Try" video features dancer Colt Prattes as Pink's partner. The piece was directed by Floria Sigismondi and choreographed by The Golden Boyz (RJ Durell and Nick Florez) along with stunt choreographer Sebastien Stella.

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