Thursday, January 2, 2014

On 12/31/2013, one hour before.

Dearest Social Media,
As I made a mad dash from work this afternoon, I was unable to escape the barrage of "Happy New Years!" and "See you in 2014!" I never make resolutions but I certainly have goals. The goals I will have at midnight will be the same that I have now. I don't see New Years as a new beginning or a welcoming but rather fluid time that we have assigned as a marker. Some make attempts to clean the slate and this I have never understood. Perhaps because I never felt the need to clean. But in the midst of "any regrets?" --which I don't have--my attention has been idling. It's always strange when I am working with a patient who is my exact age. Today I spent time with a person, who had placed their face in a camp fire in attempt to save their soul. This person now has insight into their actions and is very aware that psychosis secured a spot in a psych hospital on New Years Eve. This highlighted the fact that we all have ways of doing, undoing, and renewing. In the end hopefully we gain insight and grow. Per Ms. Maya Angelou, "when you know better, you do better." I think the sentiment is not suggesting that all will learn the lesson but rather any change made is due to the knowing that you needed to. So, whether you are getting drunkity-drunk, or banging pots and pans,  watching a ball drop, or rebelling, --or a combo platter of any of these--I hope your moments are grand. Conceptualize time the way you will have it. Love, light and a bit of wonder.


  1. I have shut up for a long time, but just spent many hours on your blog, and I actually kind of like it.

    Anything you want to ask, shoot!

  2. Renegade! I actually remember you! Hope you are well. And hours?? Wow, I'm flattered! Thank you for your interest. I haven't been writing much due to tendonitis. It's been a while since I've written feminists themed posts because of it. My forearms are starting to throb right now actually, so I'm going to stop here. Thanks for stopping by!
    ~Lady J