Sunday, December 21, 2014

John Koher is Coconuts and This is Why You Should Love Him

John Kohler of okraw is an 80/10/10 raw foodist and I watch his Youtube videos religiously. He gives amazing well researched information and much of it comes from his own experience.

He's a great resource and a perk is that he's got an entertaining personality that grabs your attention. He keeps me amped about eating raw.

Below is just one example of how rad this guy is. I tried this out but timidly, as the dinner knives I have at home do not have a flat head. I will need to purchase one.

I don't usually feel safe when I open my young thai coconuts because cleavers are so dangerous. They make opening a coconut quick and easy but I still don't like holding or even looking at them because they are so intimidating. I feel like I'm working with a weapon. Now that I know that it can be done, I'll be practicing with a dinner knife instead!

Side note. Girls; I don't need a "bad boy", a rockstar, or a prince. Just gimme a man who can open coconuts! Heh.

If you decide to check out his Youtube channel, you will see that he actually has quite a few coconut themed videos. The ones I'm posting are my favorite.  The 2nd video below just makes me happy. I love how random it is, and how determined he is. All for us and for the love of the all mighty coconut.

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