Wednesday, December 10, 2014

John Kohler Visits the Ann Wigmore Institute

Here we have John Kohler of Okraw visiting the Ann Wigmore Institute in 2010. John is an 80/10/10 raw foodist and I highly recommend his Youtube videos. He's a vibrant, excited, and quirky guy who has a lot of knowledge.  He's been eating raw since 1995.

Dr. Ann Wigmore was responsible for bringing wheatgrass to the mainstream.  She focused on raw foods and is well known for her "Energy Soup " which consists of varying leafy green vegetables,  one apple, half an avocado, and sprouts. The most crucial ingredient is sunflower sprouts. Ann referred to them as greens. I'm in luck, being that they are my favorite type of sprout. I find it difficult to find them in grocery stores and even farmers markets so I opted to growing them at home

Watch John as he tours the Ann Wigmore Institute.

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