Sunday, March 18, 2012

All Dressed Up by Seychelles

I was rumaging through some of my blog archives and I am unable to find a post about these shoes. I could have sworn that it existed. Perhaps it does and I'm just missing. In that case, this is a re-post. Blah bleh.

These are an old purchase. I'm not sure how long ago I bought them. They are from Seychelles Footwear. I love Seychelles for their vintage style shoes. More and more their styles seem to stray away from vintage wear which I find crushing.

The label has always made contemporary designs but they were known for their vintage inspired styles. The day they stops churning those out, is the day I say goodbye to them forever.

Onto the goods.

Seychelles calls this, "All Dressed Up."  The toe is pointier than I like.

I don't like an extremely elongated shoe. Even so these were too good to pass up.

The material is suede and the heel height is 3 1/4 inches.

I just checked the website and to my surprise the shoe is still available. It comes in teal (as show above), mustard yellow, black and pewter.

To take a gander, visit the official Seychelles website, here.

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