Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Seychelles Snapdragon

I debated over these shoes for a while. They are very un-me. Not something I would normally go for. After I kept running into them, I finally gave in.

These heels are called "Snapdragon" by Seychelles. I've purchased many a shoe from Seychelles. They often sell vintage style shoes. If I see a 1940's style shoe, I'm usually all over it. The shoes below are a departure for me, so I had to spend some real time thinking about it.

These color of this pair is called "Emerald". As you can see a blue belongs to this shoe as well.

I loved the colors separately but I feared that together they would clash. Evidently they do, but in a wonderful way. The emerald color is sleek and shiny just as the braded royal blue strap.

Originally, I developed an interest in the "Yellow" shoes. I enjoy the color of the heel. You'll notice it's a lighter shade wood than the Emerald.

The yellow appears to be more of a bright gold. The yellow and red together give a feel of Chinese New Year.

My reservation with the Snapdragon she is that I'm not used to wearing chunky heels.

Last but not least is the "Black" shoe. Initially it seemed too simple for me but I enjoyed the way they looked on the below model.

The contrasting colors actually work well.

The above photos were posted on the Seychelles Blogsite. The model is guest blogger Holly Wang.

In the end I am happy with my purchase. I took a risk and I'm glad I did. To view more shoes visit the official Seychelles website.

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