Saturday, March 3, 2012

Purple Lotus - Sterling Silver & Burro Creek Necklace

When I want something that I can't afford at the time or something that I don't plan on purchasing right away; I usually save the link and check it out later. Well, I found this necklace on etsy looong ago, and had forgotten it. I found it saved in my archives and decided to do a hunt. I found it relatively quickly. I don't like the chain but I will purchase one that I do like.

I found this necklace at Two Belles and a Bead. All images, are from the website.

The lotus flower represents enlightenment in the Buddhist practice. The flower grows in muddy water, but from it, sprouts something miraculous. This is an incredibly simplistic explanation as Buddhism comes in several sects and traditions.

This design is simplistic and yet detailed. The combination of silver and pale violet is calming. The variety of scalloped, petaled and beaded/knobbed aesthetic intricate but not too busy.

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