Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father Lucifer

I viewed this footage in 1996 when it aired. I recorded it and it is my old stack of video recordings. I'm grateful to You Tube user toriamosrules1 for posting this.

Father Lucifer - Tori Amos - Late Night with David Letterman - 1996

2 Stories. 2 of Many:

“So, um, when I came home I guess it was at Thanksgiving because I remember a bird and forks going down at the table, when my father said to me, ‘Tori Ellen, I can’t believe you wrote this song about me.’ And I said, ‘I write everything about you, what are you surprised about?’ And he said, ‘No, but I’m really hurt about this one.’ And I said, ‘Well which one is it?” And he said, “well, you called me Satan.” And I said, “No! I was taking drugs with a South American shaman and I really did visit the Devil and I had a journey.” And he went, ‘Oh, Praise Jesus!’”
– Tori; VH1 Storytellers

 “Father Lucifer is really about going to have a cup of tea with Lucifer, which I had to do. Now, when I say Lucifer, I’m talking about the feelings that we hide from ourselves [not something that's twisted and evil, like during the Inquisition when they used Christianity to torture people. That's Satanism.] I had to go in this record when I was trying to find parts of myself that I had not let scream and dance and have a tear. I went to go visit Lucifer to get my talisman, which means my little magic key that took me to the places that I hadn’t let myself go. That’s really about having a little tango, a little dance, with Lucifer. The idea that Dark is not a scary thing if you go in there understanding there is a purity in Darkness. There’s also a lot of distortion in Darkness. It’s a choice where you want to go, and I wanted to get to the truth, not to the drama and to keeping me from the truth.”
-Unknown - posted at Here in My Head

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