Sunday, June 24, 2012

Forever Marilyn

26 ft tall sculpture of Marilyn Monroe designed by Seward Johnson.

This sculpture stands tall at the corner of Palm Canyon Drive and Tahquitz Canyon Way.  It weights 34,000 pounds and was built out of stainless steel and aluminum. It is a tribute to Monroe's iconic scene from Billy Wilder's 1955 infidelity comedy, The Seven-Year Itch.


The statue's first home was Chicago, before moved to California.



The statute is awe inspiring but has also been criticized by tourists and locals alike. It has been vandalized and redone on several occasions. Even so, I don't think this gal is moving anytime soon.

To learn more about the artist visit the official Seward Johnson website.


  1. Her second home was actually in Palm springs and still resides there, Its been said that shes only going to be there for a year and she'll be traveling to different states, although I hope she stays here in California.

    1. Anonymous,

      THANK YOU for correcting me. I researched, and you are right. I just edited my post. Thanks again.