Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lime Crime Nail Polish

Okay, admittedly I'm a gal who doesn't wear make-up. But is nail polish considered make-up? It's rare that I wear nail polish but I do like to put on a pretty crimson red or glittery something every now and then.

Despite my ambivalence with this type of play, I am always happy to give a shout out to creative workers. Doe Deere of Lime Crime is one such person. 

Doe Deere has also given named herself, The Unicorn Queen.  Born in Russia and currently living in Los Angeles. Ms. Deere has created her own world of vivid and daring eye shadows, lipsticks, eyeliners and nail polishes.

I'm very picky about pink and I don't like to wear a lot of it. The below pink shade however, is one I wouldn't mind toying with. I also like the lavender and off white shades. Find your favorite color below.

Parfait Day Pastel Pink Nail Polish

Lavendairy Pastel Purple Lilac Nail Polish

Milky Ways Off White French Tip Nail Polish

Cremade Limon Pastel Lemon Nail Polish

Peaches and Cream Pastel Orange Nail Polish

Once in a Blue Mousse Pastel Tiffany Nail Polish

Pastelchio Pastel Green Chartreuse Nail Polish

It doesn't hurt that she paired her photos with pretty dessert treats. If you know me at all, you know that I cherish the aesthetic of food, more so than the actual taste and eating process of food.

To make purchases, visit the Lime Crime Website.
To read more about Doe Deere, visit the Doe Deere Blogazine.

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