Sunday, June 17, 2012

Smells Like Teen Spirit - "a great breakfast cereal version"

Smells Like Teen Spirit covered by Tori Amos - 1992  

“I did a tribute to Kurt Cobain with Teen Spirit and American Pie this night in Dublin because American Pie is what I heard over and over in my head the night he killed himself. I played it to 2,500 kids; it started like a whisper, and then in perfect pitch, in perfect rhythm, very softly, they all sang American Pie with me. None of us in the crew had ever experienced anything like it….I felt like I knew him . I miss him as a musician. It’s just painful when you see someone who had so much to give – especially musically – gone. We’ve lost quite a significant voice for this generation.”
– Tori; Illinois Entertainer, Aug 94

Tori explains why she covered Smells Like Teen Spirit 

MTV: What did you think of the Tori Amos cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"?  

Cobain: Flattering.  

MTV: Is it true that you and Courtney Love used to wake up and dance around to it?  

Cobain: Yeah. We used to put it on every morning and have breakfast and dance around. We'd turn it up really loud and do interpretive dancing to it. It's good breakfast music.  

MTV: It's funny to listen to. The mulatto and albino part.  

Cobain: [Singing] "I'm mulatto." I know. [Laughs] For a while we were using it as an opener before we came out onstage, too. We would play that song and then we would come out doing dances to the song.
-- Kurt Cobain; MTV Interview

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