Saturday, June 16, 2012


Talula - Tori Amos - From the album Boys for Pele - Live from new york 1/23/1997

Ran into the henchman who severed
Anne Boleyn
He did it right quickly a merciful man
She said 1+1 is 2
But Henry said that it was 3
So it was
Here i am

One story of many:

“I had to write for my freedom. I was shattered. I had to begin to look at myself. I tried to get energy from different men in my life. I got my vampires license. In Talula I’m begging this concept of ideal woman to come alive in myself, feeling afraid of losing someone. If it matters, it must be something worth losing. Each song began to be a piece of claiming myself.”
– Tori; Making Music, Jan 1996

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