Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Does Virginity Matter Anymore?"

Posting a piece that features, internet friend, Hugo Schwyzer.

Does Virginity Matter Anymore? - The Point - May 2013

From the post: 
Published on May 7, 2013
Have we passed the point in time when virginity was important? In older times, feminine virginity was valued as more of a commodity in trading. The notion objectified women, and actually created a sexist and misogynistic climate in which women equated virginity to their value. So, how does placing high value on virginity measure up today? Is there no reason for the emphasis to exist any more? And can the blame for the overvalue of virginity not only be placed on "commodity" value, but also for men who fear any sort of "competition?"

And what does "virginity value" mean in today's culture? Does it create "slut shaming?" While seemingly innocent and rooted in tradition, honor, etc., does weighting virginity with so much social interest and attention help set a tone for a culture to disparage and degrade female sexuality? Not to mention that women also get criticized for being prudes?

Is there ANY way women can win this predicament as it stands?

These questions and more in this installment of The Point!
Host: Ana Kasparian
Desi Doyen (Co-host -Green News Report)
Hugo Schwyzer (Writer, History and Gender Studies Professor, Pasadena City College)

Dave Rubin (Host -Rubin Report)


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