Sunday, May 19, 2013

Paradigm Magazine Presents: Rear Window with Ian MacKaye

Paradigm Magazine Presents: Rear Window with Ian MacKaye

Published on Mar 10, 2013
Directed | Produced | Edited by Derrick Woodyard for Paradigm Magazine

All Rights Reserved

Interview of Ian MacKaye by Theo Constantinou

Music courtesy of Dischord Records

"Ian Mackaye barely needs an introduction. There might be a young soul out there who has no inkling of what an Ian Mackaye might be , or experienced any of the music he has released into this world. So I will share a few thoughts regarding him." --Ed Templeton (Visit Paradigm Magazine for the Entire Introduction)


Rear Window is a visual project developed for Paradigm Magazine, which is a 21st century documentary style play on Alfred Hitchcock's famous 1954 film, starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly, without the suspense and murder. 10 years ago, there was a Skateboard video magazine called 411VM. In each video issue there was a segment called, 'Day in the Life,' basically, a 24 hour portal into how famous skaters spent their days. With Paradigm, we wanted to take that one step further, not only showing what a day in life is like with individuals we feature in Paradigm Magazine, but adapt our interview style to those days. Paradigm Magazine will continue to conduct our written interviews, but expect many more segments of 'Rear Window' every month.

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