Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sh*t Lindy Hoppers Say

Ha! I'd say most of this is true. I imagine each dancer has their own definition of "true."

Sh*t Lindy Hoppers Say - 2/6/2012

Disclaimer from the Youtuber punkassjim:
[DISCLAIMER] This is satire, folks. I don't know anyone who's slept with all the leads at a dance, I think your triple-steps are faboo, and my Aris Allens are holding up quite nicely, thank you very much. 

Filmed, in part, at The 920 Special in San Francisco 

My favorite lines:

“I love her swivels”

“This one time in Herrang”

"Sweaty hug!"

Him: "Duke Ellington? Count Basie? Louis Armstrong? Ella Fitzgerald? None of this ringing a bell? *Sigh. Grimace* Cherry Poppin' Daddies?"
She: "Oh yeah!"

"I am so tired of the Shim Sham!"

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