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MCA Day 2013

I was painfully surprised when I experienced an adrenaline sourced, pounding ache, when Adam Yauch died. It feels as thought he died moons ago, when in fact, it has only been one. Adam Nathaniel Yauch aka MCA, was an American rapper, musician, film director, and human rights activist. Yauch passed at age 47 on May 4th 2012, after a three year battle with salivary gland cancer.

How strange it is that we mourn for people for the gifts they gave us. A selfish grief that I feel slightly guilty for; but ultimately any death we mourn derives from some brand of selfishness. We miss those who made us feel a certain way.

It is painful to listen to the music he made with the other two Beasties. His gruff voice added a tone of flashy wisdom to the group. Death often feels unfair, and Yauch's passing is no exception.


Adam Yauch
August 5, 1964-May 4, 2012

Yesterday, May 3rd, the Brooklyn Heights' Palmetto Playground was renamed the Adam Yaugh Playground.  The ceremony took place on the day before the one year anniversary of MCA's death: which as of last year, is also known MCA Day. The celebration was created by Beastie fan, Mike Kearney. As a gal from San Pedro, CA, it was impossible for me to head out to Brooklyn for the event; but truth be told, I'm not sure if I could stomach it -- regardless, I am glad that the day exists. Visit the MCA Day website, here.

Below is a shot from the 1st MCA Day, featuring Mike Kearney and Adam Horowitz aka Adrock.


Mike Diamond aka Mike D, was at the event, however, seemingly behind the scenes.


Below is some footage from the May 3rd, 2013 renaming ceremony.

Adam Horovitz aka Adrock Speaks at Ceremony -- May 3rd, 2013

Below is the full text of Adam Horovitz's remarks:
"Seeing Marty Markowitz rap – it was great, but not as great as Adam's parents rapping at Adam and Dechen's wedding. If you were at the wedding, you know that was pretty great.

"I want to thank first the fine people for everything today, everybody from the Parks Department, Adrian Benepe, John Silva, Frances Yauch, Steve Martin; but most of all I want to thank my sister Rachel. She really made this happen, and now she's gonna make me cry.

"It's fitting that we're here today to dedicate a playground to Adam Yauch because like the Wu-Tang Clan, Beastie Boys is for the children. I was trying to think of what to say today, and I was thinking what it means to be a New York kid: People come to New York to be themselves, to express themselves and to be who they want to be. And although Adam's mom Frances is a New York kid herself, his father Noel came to New York to be himself. And together they raised a New York kid, Adam Yauch, and Noel and Frances raised him right. They taught Adam to be curious, thoughtful, kind and just enough crazy – that craziness that is New York. That New York frenetic energy: It's musical, artful and always moving forward. And that's not only Brooklyn, that's Adam Yauch. And Adam and his wife Dechen raised a daughter Losel, a New York kid that's equally talented, curious and utterly awesome. 

"In life you don't really get to chose your family, your siblings – you get what you're given. I got lucky cause I got two great sisters and two great brothers, but I got extra lucky because around 1982, I got the chance to choose two other brothers: Mike Diamond and Adam Yauch. And together our families have grown. I'd like to thank the New York Parks Department and the people of Brooklyn for honoring my friend and brother, and recognizing how cool it is to have an Adam Yauch park for other crazy New York kids."

Adam Yauch's Mother, Frances Yauch, Speaks - May 3rd, 2013

Marty Markowitz Raps at Adam Yauch's Park Dedication - May 3rd, 2013

Below are photos from MCA Day -- May 4th, 2013



Below is:

Adrian Benepe, Noel Yauch, Frances Yauch, Adam Horovitz, Rachael Horovitz and Marty Markowitz attend the renaming of Palmetto Playground as Adam Yauch Park on May 3rd, 2013 in Brooklyn, New York.
Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

The three has become two. At this time it is unknown if Adrock and Mike D. will continue on. In former interviews the two have not ruled it out. I'm in no rush to hear new music. 

 MCA was a husband, a father, and son. We only know only a snippet of his greatness.


Miss you MCA. 

Visit the official Beastie Boys website, here.

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