Sunday, May 26, 2013

The First Sexist Ad to Greet Me Tonight

I've never been one who can succumb to "new normals." I don't tap out easily.

How many years has it been since gasoline has risen beyond $2.00? I'm still not okay with it; I still think gas should be under 2.

Advertising makes me want to scream, and I do mean literally. It makes me angry and often on a physical level.

Billboards existed long before internet advertising; and it certainly is a norm for many. Can you remember a time when the horizon was clear of falsified images -- and before you was exactly what should be? Sky and land. I suppose it depends on when you were born.

I am angered by the commercials that play before the pre-views in movie theaters, and most recently, the advertisements that pop up on YouTube screens as well as commercials that appear before you click play on a video. It takes time and causes frustration that prompts a, "Rrrrrr!" out of me.

Visit a website and you will be confronted -- more like assaulted -- with ads that you must click out of or click to minimize. Some sites will show you how clever and intrusive they are by serving floating ads that you have to chase before exiting.

Tonight I was victim to a side panel ad. In the right hand margin, was an ad for feta cheese.

Come again?

Your traditionalist, conservative grandmother tells you that you will attract men if you can cook. If you can make a good pie, you will be surely sought. Right?

I have come to the easy assumption that this ad is geared towards heterosexual women. Food ads are almost always meant for women. Sexist, homobphobic norms, tell us that it is women who do most of the cooking in households, and straight women are always in need of mates. Marketing companies capitalize on these thoughts.

Oppressive advertisement is certainly not a new norm, it is the norm.

According to this ad, the elderly woman with a shaking finger knows best. Cook good food, and you'll never be alone. You won't have to resort to the last resort, that is making a fumbling attempt at love via the internet.

Well, I've never had a woman tell me that I can avoid a life-time membership of the Singles Club, if I can spruce up a good lasagna; nor have I tried internet dating. That being said; I am quickly able to recognize that this ad is slung shot, from the soulless, sexist, and homophobic media. A communicative medium that profits off of the anxieties of some, and drives their message home until you buy their product.

I'm not buying the lies and I'm certainly not buying any of that damn feta.

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  1. you should see their actual commercials they are worse!