Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lady Dragon Shoes by Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Shoes

 ‘I’m fascinated by plastic, a simple material with many possibilities of being.’
- Melissa’s Creative Director, Edson Matsuo

I've been seeing these shoes in various colors; all over the internet. I thought they were pretty but my interest didn't go past that. Recently I learned that these Dragon Lady shoes are a collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and Melissa Shoes.

I'm not a brand name type of girl, but my styles are very varied. Yes, I said, very varied. Makes sense in my head.

I'm vaguely familiar with Vivianne Westwood but had never heard of Melissa Shoes. Apparently the designer behind Melissa, is actually a man named, Edson Matsuo. Matsuo was a student of architecture and graphic design. He uses plastic to create these high end shoes. He also uses means of scent as each jelly shoe has a candy like smell.

For whatever reasons, I am able to look at these shoes and not feel the ugliness of Valenetine's Day/Hallmark Day, hover over me.

These shoes are in "Dove Blue".

These shoes are from the Spring Collection. There are few left at the Vivienne Westwood site. I found these on another site which offered them on sale, which is why I was able to afford them.

There are other colors which appeal to me but are sadly no longer in stock.

I was hoping I'd find this one as it's design is glittered with a golden heart. Take a look at some other colors.

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