Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lady Dragon Shoes by Vivienne Westwood + Melissa in Pearl

More and more it seems that my blog is turning into teeny bopper heaven. Not my intent, but here goes another post in that direction.

Just found these Vivienne Westwood and Melissa Collaboration shoes on sale! Oh my stars. I found the last pair in size 7.

The designer behind Melissa, is a man named, Edson Matsuo. Matsuo was a student of architecture and graphic design. He uses plastic to create these high end shoes. He also uses means of scent as each jelly shoe has a candy/bubble gum like smell.

The color is "Pearl" with a Gold Heart.

If you're looking for these shoes or other colors from this collection, (And there are many. See here) I'd advise you to do a Google Image search and then check out the website connected to that photo. That's how I found my shoes. This way you'll see various websites featuring the same shoe, and hopefully you'll find a site that sells the shoe you want and in your size. Good luck!

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